Hibernian Violins

He who works with his hands is a labourer.
He who works with his hands & head is a craftsmen.
He who works with his hands, head & heart is an artist.

St. Francis of Assisi

Bespoke Violins

At a certain level of advanced playing, it makes a lot more sense to have an instrument made to suit your particular physique, musical tastes and requirements.  It is also less time consuming and more economical than spending possibly years hunting down a possibly overpriced antique instrument to which you will still have to adapt.

Padraig ó Dubhlaoidh Violin maker

Student Violins

We have a large stock of new and antique instruments for musicians from beginners to advanced.  All our instruments, including basic level are fully set up by us, in house. This is particularly important for young musicians who may not have the experience to be discerning in these matters. If there are problems with a beginning student’s instrument, they may assume it is they who are at fault, and simply give up.


Restoration & Repairs

As well as the range of services you would expect from an established and respected specialist violin shop, Hibernian Violins offers the rare and highly specialised services of a professional Conservator.  In fact, Padraig O Dubhlaoidh is currently the only fully accredited specialist Conservator of Stringed Instruments & Bows, in the country.

His services are in demand by private collectors seeking advice on Preventative Conservation, large museums and National Conservation bodies with historic instrument collections, small museums with perhaps a single instrument, seeking a Condition Report, and individuals with a treasured instrument, having a historic or even an emotional significance, which they wish to preserve.


Advice & Valuation

One of the many benefits of many years experience ranging widely through the various aspects of professional violin making, restoration and conservation, is that our knowledge is as broad as it is deep and you are unlikely to encounter a problem we have not previously dealt with. Experience combined with understanding is priceless and this resource is available to you.