Advice & Valuations

Advice & Valuation


One of the many benefits of many years experience ranging widely through the various aspects of professional violin making, restoration and conservation, is that our knowledge is as broad as it is deep and you are unlikely to encounter a problem we have not previously dealt with. Experience combined with understanding is priceless and this resource is available to you.

The “Bible” of instrument Conservation is the encyclopaedic 3 volume 2010 IPCI publication, “The Conservation, Restoration , and Repair of Stringed Instruments and their Bows.” This consists entirely of scholarly articles by and peer reviewed by an international panel of leading instrument makers, restorers and Conservators.

Padraig O’Dubhlaoidh was the largest single contributor to this work. The same high standard of advice on instrumental matters is available to all clients of Hibernian Violins.


Violin advice valuations


Violin valuations UKIt is not quite as simple as you might imagine, to value an instrument. Context matters, and the value placed on an instrument for one purpose, such as insurance, may differ radically from a value assessed for probate purposes. Condition matters too, as do many other factors, such as originality of the instrument, presence of replacement parts etc.

We are happy to lend our expertise and experience to assist with enquiries for valuation.