Student Violins

Student Violins


We have a large stock of new and antique instruments for musicians from beginners to advanced.  All our instruments, including basic level are fully set up by us, in house.

This is particularly important for young musicians who may not have the experience to be discerning in these matters.  If there are problems with a beginning student’s instrument, they may assume it is they who are at fault, and simply give up.


A Professional Set Up


A professional set up gives you (the student) the following benefits;

  • The instruments simply sound better.
  • They are ergonomically easier to play.
  • Future problems are avoided.
  • A good set up means that students are more likely to succeed .
  • It also enables me to guarantee all Hibernian Violins instruments.

We can also offer a complete after sales service on all instruments sold by us, and can often part exchange instruments when purchasing a higher priced instrument.