Padraig ó Dubhlaoidh

Padraig ó Dubhlaoidh

Padraig-o-Dubhlaoidh-violinPadraig ó Dubhlaoidh (Pawrig O’Dooley) is a professionally qualified violin maker, restorer and conservator and an amateur violinist.

Born in Dublin in 1956, contemporary research showed a serious decline in Irish instrument making, and with the support of the Arts Council and the Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Charles Haughey, Padraig was sponsored by the Irish Government to study at the Welsh school of Violin Making (1982-1985). He then gained professional experience as a violin maker and restorer in Birmingham, England and Vienna, Austria.

Padraig is no narrow specialist, taking equal pride in the hand crafting of a new instrument to precise requirements, as in restoring the ‘voice’ of a treasured old instrument. He has also studied the scientific conservation of musical instruments and is an accredited Conservator of stringed instruments and bows. All his work has the simple aim of facilitating better music making by maximising the potential of the instruments, and to this end his varied expertise is at your service.

Padraig currently owns and operates Hibernian Violins in Malvern, England. In addition to making new instruments, restoring old ones, and tutoring students, Mr. O Dubhlaoidh acts a consultant to museums, institutions and private collectors, on the care and conservation of musical instruments. Padraig is also a keen amateur violinist playing both classical and traditional Irish music. Much of Padraigs research and writing aims to establish connections between the worlds of musical instrument Restoration and Conservation.

In 1999, Mr. O Dubhlaoidh was accredited as a Conservator of Stringed Instruments & Bows by UKIC (United Kingdom Institute for the Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works), now ICON, the Institute for Conservation. His workshop is listed on the Conservation Register maintained by the Institute.

Violin Making in the Malvern Hills

Hibernian Violins has been part of the musical community in Malvern since 1988. Our location is at the foot of the Malvern Hills, in an area that is as convenient to visit as it is attractive. Motorway junctions are nearby and parking on arrival is easy. We are also close to Malvern Link rail station. The layout of our premises is also convenient for the undisturbed trial of instruments, accessories etc, and the siting of the workshop is particularly favoured by, the excellent quality of the light, which together with the beautiful location provides an ideal environment for the production of fine work. Although active nationally and internationally, we are also proud of the reputation we have established locally.


Institute of Conservation for ViolinsAs well as the range of services you would expect from an established and respected specialist violin shop, Hibernian Violins offers the rare and highly specialised services of a professional Conservator. In fact, Padraig O Dubhlaoidh is currently the only fully accredited specialist Conservator of Stringed Instruments & Bows, in the country. His services are in demand by private collectors seeking advice on Preventative Conservation, large museums and National Conservation bodies with historic instrument collections, small museums with perhaps a single instrument, seeking a Condition Report, and individuals with a treasured instrument, having a historic or even an emotional significance, which they wish to preserve.

Caring for such instruments can be a burden, where responsibility is felt towards the instrument, to the person or body with a duty of care, to the public, and to posterity. We can share this responsibility and have the expertise and experience to guide decision making and implement care plans. You have the reassurance that care is given by a professional Conservator, accredited by the Institute for Conservation, bound by its Code of Ethics and Rules of Practice, and listed on the Conservation Register. (Free to consult. ) Let us be your partner in preserving our instrumental heritage.