Restoration & Repairs

Restoration & Repairs

Violin Repairs - hole in violin

We are available for repairs of every type to stringed instruments and bows. Our repairs are prompt efficient and all repairs are carried out in house by a fully qualified and experienced craftsman, not farmed out to trainees as is common.

We deal with basic and professional set-ups, tonal adjustment, Bow rehairing and repair,   and we have the expertise and experience to offer complete after sales care for instruments purchased from Hibernian Violins.


Instrument Conservation

violin-repairs--tool-on-violinOn quality instruments, we also undertake major and minor restorations, incorporating the latest techniques and methods, learned from many years as the only fully accredited Conservator of stringed instruments in the country.

Our workshop was listed on the Conservation Register and approved by The National Trust, and accredited by the Institute of Conservation. We have worked on many projects for National bodies, Museums and Instrument collectors. We will take great care of your precious instruments.

Cremonese Tradition

Lute repair

We have many years experience of making instruments for discerning clientele.  We work in the classic Cremonese tradition and offer many styles or can design models to suit individuals.  All aspects of the work are done personally, in house and not farmed out or machined, as is common.

Our experience in violinmaking is also informed by many years of careful restoration of fine instruments as well as many years as a Conservator of Musical instruments, working in museums and for private collectors, not to mention 26 years as the Violinmaking tutor at the Malvern Hills College.

Restoring fine violins teaches you a great deal about how the best makers worked.  We have supplemented this practical work with continuous research, some of which has appeared in magazines such as The Strad, Newsletter of the British ViolinMaking Association, as well as other instrument making and Conservation Journals, and the 2010 IPCI 3 Volume peer reviewed encyclopaedia on the Conservation, Restoration and Repair of Stringed Instruments and their Bows. (cited elsewhere).

We have also successfully collaborated with others, such as the trained artist, violinmaker and respected copyist Ian Highfield, whose ground breaking research and discoveries concerning the reproduction of certain features of Cremonese Varnish, are yet to be published.